[CASE STUDY] ProStylers, Watch Me Build A Fully Protected Membership Site In 1 Minute 40 Seconds With ProStyler Theme & This Simple To Use Ninja WordPress Plugin...

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This Plugin Is Like Nothing You Have Seen Before, Not Only Does It Create A Full Membership Site In A Matter Of Minutes, It also Works With PayPal, JVZoo & Warrior Plus. It Evens Adds Your Members To Your Email List!

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Closes On:

Sept 30th

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MemberPal is a membership software as powerful and proven as any on the market, but without ANY learning curve. A membership software that can have you a ready-to-go, fully functioning membership site in less that 60 seconds. (And that even includes the time it takes to install it!!).

Create full membership sites in under 60 seconds...

Fully integrates with your Paypal account...

Super easy integration with all major autoresponders...

You can protect any kind of content you want…

Instant lockout feature for refunders...

No complicated configuration, the easiest to use membership plugin you've ever seen!

And It Takes Just 3 Very Easy Steps...

Step 1

Grab your PayPal integration URL from the plugin.

Step 2

Paste it into your Paypal account (your site is now fully integrated with your Paypal)

Step 3

Type in your Product Name & its done automatically!

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Super Special Bonus 1: Download Page Template Pack

Ready To Go Out Of The Box

I know your time is precious so i wanted to create a special template pack that is ready to go out of the box inside ProStyler. All you need to do is just swop out the information on the template and your done. Saving you time building your own from scratch

3 Templates Included...

You can import these on to any existing ProStyler site you have, pick the one you like and away you go giving you a super professional download page in minutes...

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Super Special Bonus 2: A Full Blown Members Area Website!

Every Page You Will Ever Need Included!

For those of you that want to create a members area that is bigger than one or 2 pages this is for you. Inside i have included all the pages you will ever need. A dashboard, a coure page, a lesson page, a support page, a download page, a bonus page and more!

Just change the logo add your text and away you go.

Full Training Included...

I show you exactly how to set this up and how to add even more pages to your members area giving you a well designed site for your customers.

This Is A ProStyler Exclusive Bonus!

Super Special Bonus 3: Verification Page Templates Plus How To Create Your Own!

Use ProStyler To Create Your Own MemberPal Verification Pages

The one thing that Member Pal lacks is the ability to design your own verification pages. They have there own that is used out of the box. However i have managed to find a trick we can do to use custom designed verification pages with ProStyler.

Plus i am also going to give you 2 templates i have created that you can use yourself in a few minutes.

Full Training Included

Not only will i show you how to use the verification pages i have designed but i will also show you how you can use your own using this trick.

Super Special Bonus 4: 25% Back In PST Points

Get 25% Back In PST Points

Get 25% of your purchase back in ProStyler Theme Points for you to spend in the vault on the things you want. Templates,custom made websites, coaching and more get the items you really want.I will be adding killer new items regularly to the vault!

Rolling Bonus Now Included - My User Registration & Login Add On For Member Pal

Allow User Registration & Login On Your MemberPal Sites

Using this addon i will show you how you can create your own user registration and login pages for your membership sites. You can then use MemberPal to protect your registration page to ensure only people who purchase can access it. Then your users can login to your members area.

This is a premium addon that is now unlocked becuase 25+ ProStylers have picked this up.

I Will Also Include Full Training On How To Use It! This Is A ProStyler Exclusive.

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Trendpressr lets you identify Google's hottest trending keywords before anyone else so you can use them to dominate your niche. Trendpressr shows you whichkeywords are trending and accurately predicts which are about to breakout.

Trendpressr predicts with incredible accuracy which keywords are about to catch fire in Google, and will automatically optimize your site using those phrases. SEO is has never been easier or more powerful.

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on 100% AUTOPILOT..

This Software Will Grow Your Fanpages on Complete AUTOPILOT & Start Adding Unlimited 100% REAL, Targeted FANS to Any Fanpage in under 2 minutes...

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Watch How This WordPress Plugin Starts Adding an Unlimited Number of 100% REAL, Targeted FOLLOWERS to Any Twitter Account in under 2 mins...

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27 Responses to “Case Study Building A Membership Site”

  1. Eugene Harnett

    looks great..
    did not see a password with that email verification.
    what about that?
    and if you have passwords, does it help me set up password lost function for the user?


        Darn… wish your emails had gone out 1.5 days ago… that’s when I picked this up. However, I am still wondering about the password… lots of emails float around the ‘net, letting people into ‘secure’ sites. Is how so much info is used but not paid for. But, I have yet to have time to play with this plugin, so that may be adequately controlled for… I’m just not sure myself.

        • Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

          Hi Lance,

          The thing about people sharing there emails its easy to find them and block there access plus i have just added a new bonus add on that lets you add a registration and login system to your membership sites that will give you that extra security.


  2. ElizabethParat

    Very cool bonuses by the way πŸ™‚ I always really love the way you create a template to match the product you are promoting ….. doesn’t make sense to get it anywhere else but from Mikey!

  3. MichaelEdmonston

    Purchased through your link. Now how do I get the bonus theme etc. as there is no obvious download link for bonuses anywhere?

    • Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

      Hi Dean,

      Yes it can but the thing about people sharing there emails its easy to find them and block there access plus i have just added a new bonus add on that lets you add a registration and login system to your membership sites that will give you that extra security.


  4. melvyncater

    I dont normally go for things like this but health situation means i need to find more ways to earn money so i bought memberpal, then bought oto1 developer rights with drip feed content, then decided to buy the reseller rights.Discovered that the prostyler coupon works on all 3 so i saved $15 on the deal thanks Mikey you rock.

    • Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

      Hi Mel,

      Good few beers that, the thing about this is its one of them things you seem to always need and never have. The best of it is the membership sites are so simple so you can sell everything from simple ebooks like tourist guides etc to more advanced stuff. Thanks for your comment mate,


  5. DuaneReeve

    Thanks Mikey; just purchased via your link. Funny thing is I actually didn’t want a Membership Plugin at this juncture. But I the Reseller Licenses of WP Fan Page Machine & WP Tweet Machine are what I’m after… πŸ™‚

    I almost bought WP Tweet Machine last week; glad I didn’t I’ve just saved a small fortune

  6. DeanKaus

    C an this be used for non pay or free membership sites? Or does a transaction need to occur. Other questions is for free site can I modify member access? Sort of same question for paid memberships.

  7. Daniel J. Johnese

    Hi Mikey,

    I purchased MemberPal via your link. However, I do not seem to have a login to Pro Styler Vault. I do have a login for the Pro Styler Template Club. How would I get a Vault login?

    Daniel J. Johnese


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