Exciting New Update & Brand New ProStyler HQ!

I have been pretty quiet the past month, and that is for very good reason... We have been working on a mega update for ProStyler and we have added some killer new features as you can see in the video above.

We wanted to try to streamline the process when it comes to building custom templates and with this update we have done just that.

Now this update will be available in the next few days. However to get it you need to have renewed your ProStyler licence to get updates and support. As you know we stopped free updates and support on January 31st of this month. So if you have not yet renewed you can get all the information you need and update your licence here:

The next few months are going to be exciting ProStylers, I will be releasing a new weekly Live show, creating a vlog and much much more. I like to deliver value and that is exactly what i am going to do.

To crushing it in 2018 togther,
Mikey "ProStyler" Formby

22 Responses to “Exciting New Update”

  1. JonathanHeller

    Hey Mikey,
    It’s been too long. Glad you are well!
    Happy to hear you have some big improvements coming. I was not aware of the annual service plan.
    I’ve had a terrible ’17 and realize I have to create my own success in ’18. I will probably do animation and template creation work. It’s great that you will be available to help & advise when needed
    I will have to join in March as February $ is already shot.
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you have planned. I have things in play too. I will share my plans too. Till then, adios Amigo. Stay well.
    Jonathan Heller,

  2. melvyncater

    Some nice changes Mikey well done.
    The mockups are pretty cool, and I love the new typography
    I would like to see some SEO built into the theme to reduce the number of plugins.
    I would also like to see a simple way of changing link colours from the default.
    How about building in a virtual tour using the images in media library (like your old plugin)?

  3. Frank

    These changes and features are definitely and improvement…..especially the overdue Revolution Slider update and the new Mockup feature. However, I’ve only used ProStyler on one client website because it is missing one important feature…..a Front End editor. I am using another source as my preference, because they are constantly coming out with new features and layouts. I’d like to see ProStyler catch up.

    • Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

      Hi Frank,

      Frontend builders are great but very restrictive, you couldnt do the stuff you can in ProStyler in them. We are working our way towards making your own custom themes. Our backend editor is a very big part of that 🙂 For just point click and editting of templates frontends are fine but to create completley custom sites from scratch that in no way look simlair then thats were ProStyler comes in to its own class 🙂


  4. Ken Sapp

    The line height feature is huge. Being able to have control over how text elements appear is a great idea.
    The mockup feature is nice as well.


  5. Tyn Janssen

    Great new features,Mikey. The ability to Copy and paste rows into new pages, that is a huge time saver!

  6. Mark Edgington

    The ability to copy and paste element between pages is a great time saver .
    Thanks Mikey

  7. Donna Noyce

    Sounds great so far! Curious… will the “hide” (element, row, etc.) feature be available again? I REALLY miss that!

  8. JoyCole

    Thanks for all the work you do Mikey. I know you have our backs . 2018 will be greater for us all.

  9. DuaneReeve

    All these updates are awesome and appreciated Mikey. I’ve almost moved every client I have onto ProStyler except for some with special requirements. like directories and Real Estate.


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