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Saturday December 24th

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WP Site Guardian is the 1st pro-active anti-exploit plugin that monitors & blocks hackers based on behaviour. When any suspicious activity is detected the IP is instantly blocked & the hacker is banned. This prevents the exploit from executing & also shuts down all further hacking attempts.

Automatically Blocks The Biggest Attacks Install It ~ Activate It ~ Forget It

Emails You Notifications Of Attack Attempts

Auto Blocks Exploit Hack Attempts & Auto Bans Hackers

Blocks Attacks Even If You Have Vulnerable Plugins

Faster Website - Fewer Security Plugins Needed Super Low Resource Payload - Protects Against 92% of Attacks

Blocks XSS, SQL, Header & Directory Expoits

Don't Risk Your Business A Moment Longer Use The Best Anti Intrusion Technology Today...Tomorrow Really Could be Too Late

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This package contains all of the templates you need for your offline consulting business. Its contains 7 different documents, form a sales work flow template, to a contract for you to use for clients and more!

Here Is What Is Inside:

A Sales Work Flow Template
Client identification Workflow
Client Research Template
Booking a Meeting Template (Plus Call Script)
Business Analysis Template
Proposed Solution Template
Marketing Services Contract

Super Special Bonus 2: New Design Electrician Website With Premium Stock Images

Super Special Bonus 3: Brand New Ready To Go App Developer Website With Written Content Included!

Super Special Bonus 4: Download Page Template Pack

Ready To Go Out Of The Box

I know your time is precious so i wanted to create a special template pack that is ready to go out of the box inside ProStyler. All you need to do is just swop out the information on the template and your done. Saving you time building your own from scratch.

3 Templates Included...

You can import these on to any existing ProStyler site you have, pick the one you like and away you go giving you a super professional download page in minutes...

Super Special Bonus 5: Virtual Assistant Website Template

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Get 25% of your purchase back in ProStyler Theme Points for you to spend in the vault on the things you want. Templates,custom made websites, coaching and more get the items you really want.I will be adding killer new items regularly to the vault!

Super Special Bonus 7:Clean My List - Clean Unlimited Contacts For Yourself & Your Clients

Increase Opens
Decrease Bounce Rates
Save On AutoResponder Fees
Save $1,000's Over "Regular" Services
Decrease "Missing" Inboxes
Removes Duplicate & Invalid Subscribers
One Time Cost
Windows Only Software

Get WP Site Guardian & All Of My Bonuses!

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For Support Issues Please Contact The Help Desk Over At WP Site Guardian, If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To Ask Below In A Comment & I Will Do My Best To Answer It For You.

15 Responses to “Exclusive Interview Securing WordPress Correctly”

  1. EricaFath

    Michael .. just to clarify – Since this isn’t a JVZoo purchase – exactly where do we download your bonuses? I’m excited to put the one template to work for me.

  2. Trims

    Got this plugin last Year, Great Plugin.

    I have it on all my important sites and it has caught a lot of stuff.

    I use it with All In One WP Security and have had no problems, I like this one because you can export all the settings and import them to a new website so job done in 1 min rather than having to keep setting it up each time.

    Wish I had put it on all my sites (which I am doing now) as I had 4 hacked through a vulnerability Plugin (Delete all Comments if I remember rightly ) took me ages to clean up.

    Well worth buying!

  3. TedSillings

    Two questions:
    1) Already bought, but wondering about protection for non-wordpress sites.
    Are there any?

    2) Also, somewhere on the sales page it read we still need “Anti-Brute-Force” protection.
    What service do you recommend for that?


    • Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

      Hi Ted,

      Plain html sites should be okay just make sure your hosting cpanel password is a secure one, there is many plugins that can do this but the simplest way is to put a password on your wp-admin folder you can do this with a htaccess file or inside file manager in cpanel.

  4. DuaneReeve

    Hey Mikey; Thx for the 20-points Lad. Most appreciated…
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and your family & the rest of the ProStyler Team

  5. Jose Mateo

    Hi Mikey, I’m trying to get the purchase of this Warrior Plus product, but I can’t get it because it says that the system can not establish a connection with my Paypal account and also I tried to get it via my credit card directly and the transaction could not be make. I did what you suggest us to do, clean the browser cookies first, and then hit the button to purchase the product. What would be happen with? Please help, thank you.

  6. SteveHardy

    I don’t see any points for the WP Guardian product purchases. Maybe it’s because it’s run through Warrior Forum?


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