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Trending Traffic curates viral content, making it work for just about any niche including local businesses, niche eStores, blogs of any kind, sites built for flipping and more!

STEP 1: They Find Awesome Articles

We monitor over a dozen leading sites for you every day, finding stories getting massive social love. You can filter the articles by popularity/virality, posting site, keyword, and freshness, assuring the content is exactly what you need.

Step 2: Automatically Post On Your PST Sites

Take all those amazing posts and choose which ones should get posted on your sites. The content can be curated manually AND you can post it on autopilot if you want to be fully automated. Maximum flexibility that works for every site owner.

Step 3: Profit!

Making your visitors happy is the real goal and by sharing top quality posts with them, you'll build a great stream of rabid followers ready to be monetized. Google also LOVES trending content and you'll naturally pick up visitors from improved SEO rankings.

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Hundreds of popular stories daily, sucking in search traffic and growing your Likes and Shares.

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Bonus 1: ProStyler Magazine

I have created this template for ProStylers to create a magazine style blog, it is ideal for using trending traffic content on. This comes in 4 different niches, general, sport, travel and technology and can easily be customized to any other niche.

It comes with matching posts pages, places for you to add your banners and includes full training on how to setup and use it.

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Get 25% of your purchase back in ProStyler Theme Points for you to spend in the vault on the things you want. Templates,custom made websites, coaching and more get the items you really want.I will be adding killer new items regularly to the vault!

Bonus 3: Bullet Money Machine

The quickest way to make money is to sell ads on your website. Companies fall all over themselves to find new customers - and your sites will be there for them waiting and ready! You don't need massive traffic or e-commerce. All you need is to install this plugin and let it market to your existing traffic for you. It sells advertising space on your website for you and automatically paypals you the money on autopilot it's also still selling for $37.

Bonus 4: Trending Traffic Translate Plugin

Want to market in a language other than English? Automatically translate all incoming posts into your language of choice using this WordPress plugin. Fast & Simple to use and ideal for all ProStylers

Get Trending Traffic Now & Get All Of My Bonuses Instantly After Purchase!

Get 20% Off With Coupon Code: prostyler

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Bonus 5: Viral Marketing 101 training document

Understanding the 'hows' and 'whys' of viral marketing can be quite confusing. the secrets of viral content is laid out in a clear and well documented training book, ready to kickstart any marketing effort.

Bonus 6: Trending Traffic Theme

With all these great trending and viral posts, what else can you do to assure success? Putting the posts in a viral site theme that is proven to work removes that entire worry for every site owner.

Bonus 7: Top Viral Videos of 2015

Research is important and with this guide you will be able to see the top viral videos of 2015. Giving you a helping hand in looking for niches you can tap in to to leverage there traffic.

Bonus 8: Top Viral Imgur Posts of 2015

This guide will help you to see what the most popular images were of 2015, the more research you have to study the better your results.

Get Trending Traffic Now & Get All Of My Bonuses Instantly After Purchase

Get 20% Off With Coupon Code: prostyler

(Get 0.5 PST Points for clicking this link)

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  1. Bradley Kuykendall

    Hey, Just purchased through your link. LOL, freaking missed the 20% discount because I missed your coupon code. Always in too much of a hurry I guess. Dang! Anyway just want to get the bonuses from buying through your link.

    Love Prostyler!!

    Bradley Kuykendall

  2. TimothyHostrawser

    I almost want to see you go on more vacations – this is a wonderful present and useful programs to help build our online presence. THANKS.


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