How The ProStyler Bonus Vault Works

A totally new way for you to be rewarded with things you want.

If you are going to give me some of your time, then that should be rewarded…

The bonus vault has been built so that i can reward ProStylers. As you know i like to provide as much value as i possibly can and this system is what i come up with.

Every time you interact with me you will be rewarded with ProStyler Theme Points. You can then use the points you collect to spend on the items you want from the bonus vault such as templates, custom template design, template customization, WordPress installs and more.

I mean if you can take the time to read my emails and watch my videos why shouldn’t you be rewarded? I have noticed with Internet Marketing that all that seems to happen is you get on a list by someone you hardly know, and then you get bombarded with offers and no value is ever given to you by them. I want to standout, provide value and with the vault you will always rewarded!

There Are Numerous Ways For You To Earn PST Points:

25% Back On Purchases

Whenever you pick up a product i recommend, not only will you get the huge bonus package i put together for the product you will also get a whopping 25% of the purchase price back in PST Points.

Watching Videos

I wanted to find a way to reward you for taking the time to watch the videos i create. So i will be giving you 1 PST Point just for watching a video. Remember the average template is just 10 PST Points

Reading Emails

Just for taking the time to read my e-mails you can earn PST Points. Simply answer a question about the email i sent and you will be credited with 0.5 PST Points on your account.

Clicking Links

From time to time i recommend products that  will benefit most ProStylers. However some products i recommend might not work for you in your niche. So just for taking the time to look i will be giving you 0.05 PST Points

Daily Site Visits

If you can take the time out to come and visit the vault every day then i want to reward you for that. So every day that you visit the ProStyler vault, you will automatically be credited 0.1 PST Points to your account.

Logging In

The username and password you use for the ProStyler members area will also work here on the ProStyler Vault. Simply login once a month to be credited with 1 PST Point on your account.

How The ProStyler Bonus Vault Works

Step 1: Login

The first thing you need to do is login to the bonus vault. All ProStylers can login using the same username and password as the ProStyler Theme members area.

Step 2: Pick A Item

Once logged in you can now browse the bonus vault for the items you want. Then simply select the item you want and click unlock when you have enough PST Points for the item.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Item

Once you have unlocked your chosen item simply follow the training on the unlock page and enter the unlock code inside ProStyler Theme, Its that easy!

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