A question i get asked a lot is how do i create a custom blog in ProStyler. As you know the default post template uses the Evo template in ProStyler however by using the blank page template you can create a completely custom blog with a matching posts page. So let me show you exactly how to do it in the video below and be sure to grab the "Blog Creation Checklist Guide" below the video.

Free Download: Custom Blog Creation Checklist Guide

Inside this freeย guide, iย have created to the point instructions on creating your own custom blog and have provided you with a checklist to follow along with. This is also a super handy refrence guide for you to come back to whenever you need to create a custom blog with ProStyler Theme.ย 

19 Responses to “How To Create A Custom Blog With PST”

  1. Barry Rice-Smith

    Hi Mikey, I think there may be a bug in the blog system.
    I have a blog set up with various categories and when on the blog page these categories are show in sidebar, but if you click one of the categories you don’t get just the posts from that category displayed but get the same page with all blogs again.
    Is this a Pro Styler issue?

  2. EricaFath

    You always make it look so simple… and I’m hoping that after I’ve done it half as often as you have, I will think it’s easy too.

  3. DuncanCross

    very useful Mikey..I love that you go the extra mile on our behalf..Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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