I Want To Be Totally Honest With You ProStylers, Before ThemeMaker Goes Up To $97 Tonight...

3 Responses to “Let Me Be Honest”

  1. Jack Wilmot

    Hey Mikey. As one business owner to another I understand completely. I also understand that I have many software programs that I pay every year or two for upgrades whether it’s Adobe, Microsoft, or a number of other well-known software programs . I think you’ve done a great job with Pro Skyler and I look forward to using Thememaker. I picked it up without reservation and know you’ll do a great job and supporting it over the years to come.

  2. DavidSimon

    Hey Mikey, I appreciate all your hard work and wanted to let you know that I made $5800 this month from 3 websites using PS plus $237 a month to host and maintain them on my dedicated server. So I was more than happy to purchase the new ThemeMaker and all 3 OTOs. I would not have a business if not for your help. Can’t wait to build and sell some new sites with ThemeMaker!


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