New Update & Massive Announcement Of ThemeMaker!

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  1. Daniel

    So it won’t replace ProStyler but it’s a better version? I already Love Pro Styler… it is still not clear to me how ThemeMaker differs from ProStyler (Or why it’s better) You can already edit 404 pages, posts layouts with prostyler… What’s really new in this version since it uses the same page builder. In other words, if you were me, why would you but thememaker? Or on the other hand, why would you keep ProStyler?

    • Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

      The only part similar to ProStyler is 60%ish of the builder 🙂 ThemeMaker has 5 pieces it has a Template creator which is used to create your own templates for the WordPress default templates. (You can do the post page in ProStyler but its the messing with page embed and with ThemeMaker you can break your post page up in to pieces like the author box, comment area etc.

      The Theme Options is a control center for the theme you build,

      The Wizard (This allows you to visually build your page and templates)

      The Theme (This is a framework for the theme you create to use)

      Element Builder (Create your own elements for multiple elements and globally update in one place updates everywere.

      Content Blocks (Pre made blocks you can drop on the page and edit you can also build your own library.

      & Tons more this is tailour made for making completley custom themes right down to post loops (how WordPress returns search results)

      You will see a full walk through tomorrow.


      • Daniel

        I am mostly worried about my clients’ sites that were built with prostyler. This means I would have to pay 2 support fees every year… or is there a way I can move sites created with prostyler to thememaker? Because I will have to keep paying yearly fees to maintain my clients sites and pay another yearly fee to.maintain the new sites I create with thememaker… if I can pay only one fee to maintain both then it would be awesome help for a prostyler but I understand that after all this is your business Mike… so just tell me If there is an option to convert PS sites to TM new framework

  2. L

    I agree with Daniel…
    What is the difference? Is it that “finally” the archaic pageload speed problem (and it is HUGE… tried M. Fornby’s tutorials, none of which significantly worked on every site I have out [over 30 different builds])?

    Not trying to be difficult, but have ‘upgraded PS 3x so far… skeleton, evo, PS2…” wondering when the improvements are going to be made, “just because you bought and spent hundreds with me already”…

    I actually expected to be, as a years-long PS customer of every upgrade in the past… getting improvements simply because they (1) were made and (2) were Looonnnnggg overdue.

    Kinda pissed, actually…. more money grab!

    • CarlEarley

      I agree It’s just a money grab.
      They are already charging enough each year for the upgrade that you could actually buy a new theme.

  3. Ray

    Thanks for creating another product. I have also been a supporter of every product that Mikey creates. There are those who are gonna complain, bitch and cry about how unfair it is. If that’s you why don’t you just leave? Take your negative attitude somewhere else and build your own website builder or try to find another software to use. I personally would love for all those who choose to complain that this little thingy doesn’t work right or it’s too much money to leave. It would provide more attention to those of us who realize that this is a tool that I want to be constantly innovated and improved upon. Even if that means that a new product must be build and sold separately. I want to be part of that product and company. I don’t complain I congratulate and applaud Mikey for having his team bring a new, faster, sexier version to us. If you are in the website building business this is what you want! If you complain about the cost than you are not really in the website building business because a hundred pounds, dollars, euros, rubies, or whatever currency you use is nothing!

    I am looking forward to purchasing this product tomorrow and giving it a proper review.

    Thanks again Mikey and I hope you have a great amount of sales!


  4. Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

    So As I mentioned in the video we are making ongoing changes to Prostyler & we will continue to do so for all customer under our support package… we promised

    We are limited to a huge extent on what we can add to Prostyler because of the retrospective compatibility & patches which we cant remove – we have tried building in certain new sexy functionality…some of you will remember…we broke stuff when we tried to apply it and that’s why we had to convert the shortcodes in an update (and users had to do the same on there site) … some things are not possible with the old code restrictions

    Where a dated technology is limiting us we have to use new technology to build new products…

    No one is forcing anyone to abandon ship & pay more for the new tech in the same way no one is forcing you to change from an iphone 8 to an Iphone X which fundamentally share many similar features but Apple can’t build iphone X just by bolting stuff onto the old Iphone 8 at some point the OS & hardware changes (usually every year) With Prostyler we are now in year 4 … PHP/HTML & WordPress Core have ALL changed significantly & we do have to explore those options..

    If you like what we’ve built as a valued customer you have the option to get it at 77% less than we will sell it for in future – it’s your choice – no one is bending your arm…

    I will make it clear… We are a business… we are going to be inventing new products that take advantage of new technologies to remain competitive in the marketplace… that brings in much needed development cash & better products for you…

    In developing new tools we’ll take many of the functions you love & build these into new products… & don’t forget it takes many years & 100,000’s of thousands of dollars to bring products to market + it costs us 100,000’s of thousands of dollars to sell the product before we make a cent that’s without factoring support costs… so hardly a money grab – do you see me driving a Ferrari?

    Just to be absolutely clear we are not just adding the “good stuff” to new products and selling them under a different name… but we are following what all companies do as part of innovation & theme maker will also have a lifespan as WordPress & PHP moves on…

    I hope that explains things better… we cant turn last years family saloon into a lambo…


  5. Mel cater

    When i saw the email from Mikey i watched his short video and thought “ok so a similar product”.Then i scoured the internet and watched a couple of review videos.yes theme maker is designed on prostyler,why wouldnt it be? But there are so many extras with theme maker that makes it a completely new product.i didnt stop driving Mercs because they brought out new models and i will certainly be on the buyers list for theme gets 5 stars from me.

  6. Ron

    Well, I for one am excited to see what it can do. I may not buy it, but I do want to see it’s strengths and see how versatile it is.

  7. NimrodElissar

    I’ve been with Prostyler from the beginning. built all my clients sites with it. it allowed me to carve a niche for my business and make money doing that. when I am asked periodically to maintain a site that was built (not by me) with another theme or page builder I realize how much I like Prostyler and how much it evolved through the years. yes I had some tech issues but they were addressed a long time ago, and I’ve bought almost every upgrade and offer by Mikey. He is a trustworthy guy and a great guy (although he is a scouser haha) and if he is excited I believe there is a reason for that. I kind of expected this kind of an offer. I can’t wait Mikey bring it on!!

  8. DuaneReeve

    If anything MIkey isn’t a cash hoarder. In 2014 I bought WP Flex Theme (or what ever it was called back then); it was crap, but it was replaced for free with ProStyler. which was upgraded for FREE to Evo and again for FREE to Revelation. Each time extra bonus Templates were given away FREE. Yes, I bought Add-on’s like Skeleton and TakeAway, but I bought them not for the Templates, but for the Extra Training that came with the Templates.

    Thememaker is here; based on new TECH and I’m buying it and looking forward to continuing my relationship with Mikey & his team. I agree its expensive compared to most themes especially with the annual renewals, but I’ve made more money in my business using ProStyler than any other theme. Now I’ll also be able to design a WordPress site from a PSD, so this is a no brainer purchase, since I have lost past business because I couldn’t do PSD designs.

  9. Reggie

    I have been with Prostyler for along time. It was absolutely the best web design tool that I have ever used. I brought the recent service plan because I trusted Mikey. My question is why wouldn’t Mikey give Prostyler investors a significant discount? What does the company loose, I can tell you Loyalty is way more important than money.

    • Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

      Hi Reggie,

      Developing new platforms costs us a lot of money, i carried ProStyler for 3 years in fact it never made a profit even now with this launch it will cover development costs just about, out of every sale we get about $17 in the end to support it and update it for a customer for a year and to recoup development costs.


  10. AshleyEatly

    Ive been with prostyler from beginning too and have bought every thing that Mikey offered – or almost everything – takeaway may not have been a major need… I have also gone for most or many of the packages that Mikey recommended… I do want to support Mikey and keep the relationship – I’m waiting to see what Thememaker is all about and the cost etc…

  11. hartmut Peter grĂĽn

    my email is nowadays : hapegruen@gmail com… maybe this is the reason I did not get a detailed announcement of the new tool… anyway, I am since long time one of your loyal customers and I am missing an advice that there will be a discount for these loyal customers who would like to buy the different modules of the new product. You will tell me / us ??
    thank you and best regards
    Hartmut Peter GrĂĽn

  12. L

    Wondering where Mikey’s offer link is??? nothing on this page, except to different product… I have over 220 emails from OTHER affiliates… when is Mikey sending out his buying link for Prostylers ? Also nothing shows up under “Latest Products” menu tab above…

    Just wondering… PS clients are supposed to get some kind of bonus from Mikey for again buying….

    Anyway…I’ll wait a while to see if anything shows up…

    • Ted B Sillings

      From what I gather, you may as well buy from an affiliate with the best bonus as the only discount is $10 found on the sales page. He is offering extra bonuses over next 30 days if you are already a ProStyler, so I assume he’ll look that up as we buy.

  13. Ted B Sillings

    What is PSD? Has that to do with Photoshop, and if so, is photoshop nessasary when using ThemeMaker with PSD?

    • Todd

      PSD is a File you created whilst working in Photoshop. Then you can take that work from you PSD file and place it into the Theme of The New ThemeMaker.

      This is a Add on Mikey put in this package. YOU do not need to use this Product.

  14. BrianG

    I am a long-time customer of ProStyler that has made a business from selling designs made with the theme. I was about to upgrade to Pro Styler support, then I heard about Guttenberg (hope I spelled it correctly). I realized that WordPress will now be going solely to a block by block drag and drop interface and will be retiring the WYSIWYG editor soon.

    Hence this is why I believe Mikey had to come with Thememaker. Pro Styler obviously could not be easily adjusted to this drag and drop technology. It is obvious to me that Thememaker will eventually replace Pro Styler as technology changes. So, it was a no-brainer for me to purchase it, which I have done. Haven’t looked at it as yet, but just want to keep it until i need it. I suggest you all check out Gutenberg (if you have not yet already done so).

  15. Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

    Just a quick update everyone, i want you all to get the best bonus you can so if an affiliate has a bonus you like you can go through them.

    All ProStylers will get this extra theme pack regardless of who you pick this up through You can check it out here

    One quick thing i have not announced is that we will be letting you all share the themes you create with other members free 🙂 As always thank you for your support,


  16. Ted B Sillings

    MIKEY… Getting all errors to buy. Tried Palpal and 2 different Credit Cards.
    From JVZOO to declined.
    I make purchases almost daily, so hoping this can be fixed on your end before coupons expire.

  17. Matty

    Hey Mikey.. I’ve been trying to purchase with a couple different payment methods as well and neither are working and I know it’s not my cards… was really hoping to get in on the early bird with the coupon… Please Help and make this right

  18. Trevor D

    Hi Mikey
    I have been a Prostyler customer for a long time and loved the Prostyler products from the start. They give you so much freedom when building a website and looking forward to using the new ThemeMaker. I have one question about saving templates of my own.
    Can you save your own templates to use for when you build new sites?
    Keep up the great work and thinking outside the box.

  19. info-portal

    I bought yesterday for a 57.- USD the main product of your new product, I got a confirmation by Paypal but no Logindetails from you … requests to the support to send to me the Credentials had not been answered till now since more than 15 hours…please help asap -thank you .regards Hartmut Peter GrĂĽn


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