I have done a lot of free extras for ProStylers since we started.I have given away Free Templates, Live Training Webinars and have even done a lot of one off training videos on smaller subjects such as improving site speed, building squeeze pages and more.

So today i decided to put all of this in to one big blog post so that you can catch up on things you might of missed.  I really do put my heart and soul in to ProStyler and really do my best for ProStylers all 6,000 of you. Without you ProStyler would not be anywhere near the theme it is today so i thank you for sticking with me.

So without further ado lets get started.


New Freebie: Full Blown Local Deals Website

I have built this full blown local deals site exclusively for ProStylers, Use this template to run deals in your local area, it instantly imports using ProStyler and comes with all of the pages pre-configured for you.

You can also use this to build value for your monthly fee, offer clients a monthly spot on the local deal site in with your maintenance fee,

The Podcaster

Includes 5 Pages.


Includes 5 Pages.

Stock Image Packs:

Stock Image Pack 1

Over 140 images ready to use in your sliders and row backgrounds.

Stock Image Pack 2

Over 280 images ready for you to drop in to your ProStyler designs.

Stock Image Pack 3

Click the cover image inside the ProStyler Facebook group to download this pack.

Stock Video Pack:

20+ Stunning HD Quality Videos For You To Drop Into Your Sliders & Rows Inside ProStyler.

Training Videos:

Improve Your ProStyler Website Page Speed

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ProStyler

Pop Up Question Box / Order Forms

Template Unlock Code: 499Zi2hkp

Build A Squeeze Page With ProStyler

Webinar Replays:

Custom Site Building Webinar

Custom WooCommerce Store

Get 5 PST Points When You Fill Out This Short Survey

After You Have Completed The Survey And Clicked "Send Message" You Can Go To Your Dashboard & See Your Points Have Been Auto Added

25 Responses to “ProStyler The Ultimate Catch Up Guide”

  1. melvyncater

    Mikey you just keep getting better and better where do you find all the time?

  2. WilliamHoladia

    I completed the form but it did not ad the 5 points to my account. Did I do something wrong?

  3. CharlesHale

    Thanks Mikey,

    As always you very good to us… Keep up the good work! Thanks for the goodies, always appreciated..

  4. Trianq

    I was happy when i found freebies in my inbox that is from my favourite tools: ProStyelerTheme!

    Very big thanks to you, Mike. I loved it.

    I just have one ask for you, please give me more than 3 free themes. 😀 Maybe at the next time.

    God bless you.

  5. BryantDodd

    Mikey can you explain or make a video showing how you would run a deal? What would we need to get from the local retailer and how are the deals delivered to the buyers? I would appreciate the feed back.

  6. EdanKeenan

    Hi Mikey, I did the survey but did not get the 5 points to my account. Was logged in.


  7. DuaneReeve

    Mikey, you’re are personally the reason why I have stuck with ProStyler – Thanks for all the personal effort you put into this product and the value you provide us 🙂

  8. donaldmcfarlane

    hi mikey.

    i didn’t get 5 points either was logged in so could you have a look at it


  9. TiitVimberg

    It’s good to do things easily and effortlessly with you and ProStyler! Thanks Mikey!

  10. Salvatore Zingale

    The Ultimate Catch Up Guide is a really good idea! Most people are really busy these days so finding info in one place helps alot!

    And…I did an extensive response to your survey but was not logged in…just did not know I was supposed to be logged in or I missed that somewhere along line!

  11. KennethSApp

    Information delivered “Just in Time”.
    Best info I have seen to date from any marketer, and with products that are beneficial.

  12. RobertTolchard

    Hi Mikey
    Hope you’re well.
    Finally filled out the questionnaire and was logged in. It said it had been sent but didn’t add the points.



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