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ProStylers, Leverage Browser Push Notifications To Build Subscribers For Your Websites, This Turns Website Visitors In To Subscribers! In Fact You Can Have A Campaign Setup On A WordPress Website In A Matter Of Minutes!

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Push Connect Notify is a powerful, yet simple software that allows you to capture push subscribers by pasting one line of code on your website, allowing you to then send browser push notifications. The software works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari !

How Does Push Connect Notify Work?

You paste a line of code on your website/blog or use the included WordPress/Shopify plugins and start capturing push subscribers - converting regular visitors on your website to subscribers instantly.

Whenever someone subscribes, they become a part of your PCN database, and you can send them push notifications whenever you want.

Plus It Also Captures Email Leads For You!

When someone subscribes to push notifications, PCN gently nudges them to opt in to your email list as well. Two for the price of one?

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Bonus 1: My Mega Call To Action PCN Template Pack

I have created this template pack exclusively for ProStylers, to help motivate your website visitors to allow notifications and to even sell them after allowing notifications.

See once your website visitors allow notifications you have the ability to redirect them to a page. So why waste this opportunity to get them to buy, grab you ebook or even give them a free coupon? I have 3 different funnel types in the pack.

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Each one comes with a call to action page and a thank you page and is instantly deployed inside ProStyler whenever you need them!


Template Set 1: The Sell

Template Set 2: The Giveaway

Template Set 3: The Coupon

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Bonus 2: Groupon Style Deal Templates

Groupon is a proven business model and these deal pages are proven to convert. So why not tie this in to push notification campaigns for your own products and websites. I have different variations, and you can import these on to your exiting websites direct your push notification traffic traffic to them.

Click Thumbnail Above For Demo

All you need to do is edit the template with your chosen deal, and the menu will use the same as your main website making it integrate seamlessly. Allowing you to run your own weekly deals. This is Exclusively For ProStylers!

I have a video based deal template, a slider based deal template, an opt-in page deal template and more.

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As a one off becuase this is the highest rated product we have had on the vault i am going to give you double points.Get 50% of your purchase back in ProStyler Theme Points for you to spend in the vault on the things you want. Templates,custom made websites, coaching and more get the items you really want.I will be adding killer new items regularly to the vault!

Bonus 4: Social Boost

Turn even the most plain-jane and boring wordpress blog into a social powerhouse! The simple & fast way to increase social conversions on your WordPress website.

Bonus 5: WP Optin Lock

Unlock any piece of content after a user opts into your email list. Now you can instantly deliver the download link, video or any piece of content you want to show and have your thank you be a popup. They will be 10x happier about staying on your list as you delivered INSTANT value.

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Bonus 6: Sales Graphics Pro

The all-in-one graphic creation system that allows you to easily create web buttons, testimonial blocks, sales boxes, and video email optins widgets.

Bonus 7: Instant Mobile Site

Easy to use tools that let you create mobile sites instantly and customize them to your liking. Simple one page websites that look great on mobile. Build them for your clients, your personal sites, and wordpress as well.

Bonus 8: Optin Fire X

Micro Commitments to increase your optin rates by 150% or more. The landing page that can fit anywhere and converts like crazy. Ask question -> Get lead info -> Massive profits.

Bonus 9: Buzz Machine

Use the power of viral meme creators to grow your list like wildfire! BuzzMachine enables your niche to go crazy and really bring attention to your product by creating hilarious meme photos...

Bonus 10: eCover Creator

If you don't have a custom cover design from a designer, or you want to get a cover design done really fast you can with the built-in software. In a few clicks you will be able to create a professional cover designs.

Bonus 11: WP Question Optin

Increase conversion rates on your WordPress optin forms by asking your users a question and then asking them to opt in. Create email opt-in questionnaire pages in WordPress in seconds

Bonus 12: FB Fanpage Pro 2.0

With FanPagePro2.0 you can create simple and effective squeeze pages and landing pages for your fanpages and send traffic to those pages from right INSIDE of facebook.

Bonus 13: WP Like Pop

Use One Fun-to-Use Plugin To Increase Your Social Like / Follow Conversions with All The Most Popular Social Networks

How To Claim My Bonuses

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10 Responses to “Push Connect Notify”

  1. Steve

    I’ve checked out your competitors bonuses and your offer is better. I’m Not stating I’m Going to buy, but if I do it will be via your link. Unless there is a Better Offer : )…………..

  2. AshleyEatly

    Thanks Mikey – this is a great looking product and I can see that I am getting these ‘annoying’ 😉 notifications each time I logon to browser – my fault I agreed to them in first place ;-). Working as intended!!!!!
    I believe there are two oto’s one to automate the notifications and the other to allow you to use it on unlimited sites for other people – is that correct?
    Can I ask if you have had any feedback on both these options – I am inclined to go for oto2 but oto1 sounds useful.

    • Pro Styler Official - Mikey Formby

      I have them both, think of OTO 1 as like an autoresponder, so you would line up emails on day 1 day 3 day 5. Its exactly the same but you can line up pushes on Day 1, , 6 Hours after joining etc, 🙂 OTO2 is great if your going to provide this for clients i got both.


  3. ken

    Hi Mikey what you have put together fantastic with what you put out in December and the bonuses are very
    suited to help with your main product If not for the jam I’m in at the moment I would purchase it so is there a chance
    you might bring out again in about 8 months again ?
    Kind Regards

  4. Justine Hranicky

    Hi I am trying to purchase through your link but when I hit check it out it goes to jvzoo bad request

  5. SeanRomero


    Got the developers license thanks for the heads up, have 4 clients waiting. Looking forward to your bonuses.

    Thank You,

    Sean R.


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