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Further Details

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You can get a free account here with Zoho To Send Invoices & Save Money: Click Here

Push Connect Notify Launches Tomorrow & I Have Tons Of Bonuses, Be Sure To Look Out For My Email For More Details.

This is ideal for local businesses, as you can send there customers notifications and charge them for building and maintaining this new asset. Ideal for your own products you sell online, your niche website and more i will go in to more details tomorrow on how best to use it.

30 Responses to “Save Money When Invoicing Clients Plus Get 10 PST Points”

  1. victorsimire

    This looks like a great piece of programe. It will keep on in touch with customers easily.

  2. Orlando Service Pros

    Thanks Mike for sharing the information on Can’t believe it was that easy to save thousands each year in PayPal Fees. Anything that adds to the bottom line is greatly appreciated.

    Troy Holadia
    – Founder/Orlando Service Pros-

  3. BryantDodd

    Yeah I didn’t know about this invoicing product to help save money, I will def check it out.

  4. AshleyEatly

    This really does look as if it will fit in well – Saving money is obviously a high priority but the features that it gives need to be investigated.

  5. michaelmcgowan

    Hi Mikey

    Looks a like a great piece of kit, just a quick question, do you just connect with your basic Paypal account in order to save on fees ?

    Thanks Mike

  6. CarlEarley

    I had already signed up for notifications a day or two ago so I can’t get these 10 points now…bummer.

  7. Antony Cespedes

    Greetings Mike, just created an account in zoho, looks good, although I have a few bills, hopefully soon have to do a lot more, Thanks

  8. JeffPenchoff

    As a long time user of Zoho Reports and Zoho Projects I can vouch for their online tools being top notch quality and easy to use. Thanks for the heads up on saving $$$ when invoicing Mike. I did not know Zoho was a lot less than simply using PayPal. On a lighter note… How come all of the cars in the video behind you are driving on the wrong side of the road? LOL

  9. KaraRowe

    Hey, Mikey. Great job on the video. I know that Jimmy puts out great products and although there have been similar products released lately they are not anywhere as good as this one. I’ve done my homework on this already and know that it is superior in many ways. I’m looking forward to seeing your bonuses as I’m sure that they will be great and add a lot of value to this purchase. Thanks a lot for the points and I will going to redeem them right away. They work great with the Pro Styler theme. Loving it!
    Morris “Murph” Murphy

    • KaraRowe

      p.s. I know it says that I’m Kara Rowe but that is actually my girlfriend as we bought pro styler through her paypal. But I’m the tech dude and she’s the graphic artist/writer (and brains) of our company. 🙂


    Where are the bonus templates for buying the push notification product that was advertised?? Did not get them

  11. GaryLevesque

    Awesome tool from a guy with an outstanding reputation! Difficult to make it any better

  12. DavidHobley

    Hey Mikey, do you have a contact with the PushConnectNotify guru? If so, can you find out if they are going to fix the WordPress Plugins for this or not? They no longer work since the WordPress upgrade. Thanks!

  13. MoniqueCloutier

    Great resource for client invoicing and related paypal transaction fee savings. Thanks Mikey.



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