This little tool is great for helping you with building your websites. You can sit with a client they can pick the websites they like you can drop it into a folder and then open it all up in a plain and simple view for you to use as reference when designing. Plus it is accessible across all of your devices.

Let Me Show You It & How To Use It:

Get Dragdis On The Google Chrome Store Free Here:

Visit Website

22 Responses to “Super Handy Extension”

  1. Richard Wing

    Thanks for taking the time to share this cool tool. I will definately use this and share it with my list too

  2. ColinJeffrey

    Cheers Young Man: Pleased to see you back in good health mate .. Wow that Everton beat the BORO

  3. victorsimire

    Hi Mikey, thanks for revealing this tool, it is very cool. I will definitely be using it to store useful stuffs.
    Hey, glad to see you in better health.vCheers man !

  4. J.B.

    Mike – looks like a good tool, although I don’t usually install Chrome. Perhaps I will have to change my mind.
    Now you’re too young to be in the hospital with chest pains. Take-Care-Of-Yourself! Your business is important, but so are your family and your health. Keep your weight under control, and don’t end up with diabetes (a horrible condition).
    Thanks for all you bring out way, but keep it in perspective!

  5. J.B.

    I just noticed that in the Opera browser I have installed an extension called “Download Chrome Extension”. I followed the instructions for that extension and was able to install “Dragdis” in Opera. Just in case this is useful for anyone else.

    Mikey – It’s a lifestyle change you have to aim for. You probably know. Be steady and consistent on your weight loss efforts and don’t stop until you reach your ultimate goal. That may take a while. And then don’t go back to your old eating and (non)exercise habits. Easier said than done, I know well! But good luck.


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