So as you know ProStylers when it comes to SEO I'm not the best, so i decided to speak to the people who are the 2 Rockstars. Now not only have they put this free video training together below exclusively for ProStylers showing you exactly what you must have on your page to rank for your keywords but i have also managed to get them to jump on a live training webinar and walk you through there entire blueprint on Thursday, November 4th.

In the webinar they will show you how to build, rank & lease simple websites in minutes...


So check out the video below so you can see the exact page anatomy you need to have, sign-up for the webinar and download the free checklist guide so you have it handy when you need it.

Download The Perfect Page Anatomy for SEO & The “Findology” Checklist Guide:

7 Responses to “The Perfect Page Anatomy for SEO”

  1. geofferypryor

    I look fwd to the upcoming webinar ( Perfect page anatomy ). Whilst i`am here now i thought i may as well take advantage & pose this question. I have previously purchased products via mikey`s intro`s & links & no where can i find within my P/S a/c Acknowledgement of these purchasers & or the bonuses. The purchasers i refer to were Push Connect Notify & Scopeleads. I have previously tried to communicate via Mike`s email to no avail & no where do i see any links to a support page.
    I would be most grateful if this could be handed to Admin.
    Thx & Regards,
    Geoff Pryor

  2. Tim Rayburn

    On my Mac, Firefox was impossible – for the webinar signup the intended box pops up and works fine in Chrome.


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