You can download the app for free on the iOS/Android App Stores, the app is called Air More. I actually use this daily for transferring my own pictures from my phone. I get a live preview of all of my pictures and videos and i can download the ones i want instantly. Saving me tons of time digging through dropbox once there all uploaded.

Before i go be sure to look out for my email tomorrow, because i will be showing you how to generate more leads and customers this is especially useful for your clients.

Visit The Air More Website Here:

7 Responses to “This Free App Is A Life Saver”

  1. Jonathan

    Hey Mikey,
    Thanks for this app. Just loaded on PC and Phone, and BOOM…. everything is duplicated in both places. Very, very cool.
    Thanks for all you do for us. I’m a big fan of ProStyler and look forward to creating more websites.

  2. barrymccoy

    Thanks for sharing – have been looking for a better way to transfer videos and images off my phone to my PC. What’s great is that you can actually play the video on a smart TV (or laptop connected via HDMI to a HDTV as well.


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