ProStylers, This Is Totally Genius & Blew My Mind With The Amount Of Different Ways We Can Use It!

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VidEngagr is a web based SAAS that allows you to engage your audience using the power of video guides and segment specific calls to action.

Closes On Sunday The 8th October

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My ProStyler Exclusive Video Engagr Special Offer Video Guide Landing Page Pack

One of the methods we can use for clients is by running special offers and guiding them through the video to that particular offer. This is ideal for sending visitors to in emails, or on its own page. Create the video guide along side the video and drop it straight in.

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My Video Engagr Affiliate Product Review Template Pack

Another way we can use this for doing product reviews of software, tools or products. With this exclusive pack just find a review video put in your affiliate links and let the video guides do the selling. This is perfect for Facebook traffic and email. Show it off and let them take action and purchase through your link.

‌ 3 Different Templates To Pick From

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‌ Easy To Customize..

‌ Made Exclusively For Vid Engagr Video Guides!

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Get 25% of your purchase back in ProStyler Theme Points for you to spend in the vault on the things you really want.I will be adding killer new items regularly to the vault. You can purchase all kinds of things in the vault such as:

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If you have any questions feel free to post below and i will do my best to answer them. If you have support enquiries please use the VidEngagr Support System.

10 Responses to “This Is Total Genius”

  1. NelsonTherrien

    Hi Michael,

    Where are the bonuses supposed to be? I don’t have any link in JVZoo and not in the vault either…


  2. AshleyEatly

    I just grabbed and I can see you on JVZoo as affiliate but there was no bonus link – mind you still waiting for follow up email with details to gain access to the product – will update later in these comments.. not buying oto unless it is via you so am waiting…

    • AshleyEatly

      Update – just had credentials but it looks like despite you being affiliate and noted on JVZoo purchase – I didn’t get bonus – I suspect you may not have got cut – nor did I get the % points. I would have bought OTO but want you to get the benefit and me to get the bonus items… What should I do?


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